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Our story

Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime. I heard these words growing up. I don’t know why, they have stayed with me.

It is with these emotions for “Seva” (Selfless-Service), we launched Uplift -You. After trying charity and donating money, I still felt dissatisfied. God and Life has been very kind, and time came when we had more free time, and it is time now to “walk the talk”.

We have created “Uplift-You” as a way to give back to our communities. We intend to “teach to fish, so that our student can feed themselves for a lifetime”. 

Dinesh Gulati


"Hard Work Beats Talent, When Talent Doesn't Work Hard. Combine the two, and you are an All-Star”

Dinesh came to the United States in 1985 to go to college (SUNY Stony Brook). He graduated with a Computer Science degree with a minor in Business Management. After working for organizations like JP Morgan and Sbarro, Dinesh started a Technology Consulting / IT Staffing business in 1995 (IIT Inc.   www.iit-inc.com ). Over time, IIT helped hire and create several thousand high paying professional jobs. 

IIT was selected to be on Inc. 500 list multiple times. For 20+ years, Dinesh personally mentored and trained hundreds of people on technology / computers / finance / sales / recruiting / job search / career counseling and other corporate matters. 

At a personal level, Dinesh enjoys Yoga, Organic Gardening, Cooking, Baseball, Cricket and Bollywood Karaoke. He is exploring spirituality and is usually studying some book on a related topic. He is also writing his interpretation of a book that changed his life - "Zen-Yoga" by Dr. PJ Saher.

Anu Kumar


"Between Nothing and Everything, I Found Seva”

Anu came to the United States in 1991. She graduated from University of West Florida majoring in Math. She worked in procurement / supply chain management field for 20+ years with organizations like Lucent / AT&T, MetLife, Quest Diagnostics and Adecco. Around 7 years back, Anu joined IIT in executive leadership role. She also runs her staffing and payrolling company. 

Both of Anu’s parents spent their entire careers as college teachers/professors (at BHU / Benarus Hindu University). Coming from a teaching background, Anu started tutoring K-5 children here in Long Island, who are struggling in school on subjects like English, Science and Math. She has found this experience highly rewarding. At IIT, she gained experience in creating training curriculum for all new hires. 

At a personal level, Anu is exploring Canvas Painting and Yoga. Anu is an accomplished singer and received vocal training for 15+ years while growing up. She is an avid reader and can frequently be found with a book nearby.

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